The Group

The following companies belong to ISO-SIGMA's group:

ISO-SIGMA - Energia e Gestão, Lda.

·  Founded: 14/04/1988

ISOGNOM - Electricidade e Metalomecânica, Lda.

·  Founded:07/12/1971

- SIGMA- Sociedade de Instalação Geral de Material Eléctrico, Lda. 

·  Founded: 30/01/1958

The ISO-SIGMA's group headquarters is located in Porto - Portugal, in its own land area of 16500m2 and a building area of 3500m2, in which is located  the factory, warehouse and offices and operate the Administrative, Technical and Commercial Services, 
ISO-SIGMA has also a branch office in the capital, Lisbon, dedicated to the Technical and Commercial area in the south of Portugal.

The team of employees of the ISO-SIGMA group consists of 41 people, including 25 performing functions in the Technical/Commercial departments. The number of employees referred to above include Electrical Engineers, Technical Engineers, Designers and highly specialized factory workers.

Products and Services

General trade, manufacture and installation of electrical equipment. 
Distributors in Portugal of the most important European Brands in the electrical market.

Manufactory of electric equipments, low and medium voltage, such as:

  • Panel switches medium voltage - up to 36Kv: Disconnectors, Switch-disconnectors, with rated voltage from 12 to 36kV - 400/630A;
  • Transformer stations types A, AS, AI, CA-1 e CA-2, CBL;
  • Indoor and outdoor substations - rated voltage from 12 to 36kV;
  • Open panel boards type CA-1 and CA-2;
  • Modular switchboards in aluzink structure LK Holec with outer or enclosure panels; 
  • Specific products for the Electricity market in Portugal

Studies and projects for:

  • Power;
  • Automation;
  • Control; 


  • Maintenance systems;
  • Control of equipments;
  • Energetic systems;
  • Electrical Installations;