The terminal ERITECH INTERCEPTOR SI from ERITECH SYSTEM 1000 was developed and tested according to the requirements of French NFC17-102 and Spanish norm UNE-21186. These standards provide simplified rules for installation and guidance on calculation of protection level.
The standard limits the terminal's application to structures less than 60m high and requires one or two down conductors depending upon building profile.

Main components:
- Masts from 1 to 8 meters
- Short Bracket for Mast ALOF-1-GS
- Mast Clamp TMC-SS
- Tinned Copper Tape 30x2mm TC-ECT-302-75
- Stainless steel clip TAPS 302
- Earth testing clamp CCJ-70-CA
- Sleeve for down conductor 2m PCF-40-GS

Protecting areas (Standard protection radius Rp where height = 5 m): 
SI 25   (Level 1: 42m; Rp Level 2: 52m; Rp Level 3: 65m) 
SI 40   (Level 1: 58m; Rp Level 2: 75m; Rp Level 3: 97m) 
SI 60   (Level 1: 79m; Rp Level 2: 97m; Rp Level 3: 107m)