ISO-SIGMA/FRAKO equipments offer the right solution to maintain the quality of the power supply at a high level. Power factor correction and filter systems are installed in those locations where electrical energy is to be saved, voltage fluctuations avoided and harmonics eliminated, or simply where reactive power must be compensated.

Custom made sheet steel cabinet, using LKT type power capacitors and RM control relays. All equipment, including the capacitors, is installed in the cabinet interior. 

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Harmonic distortion

For networks without harmonic distortion or with low harmonic levels, the relays RM 9806 and EMR 1100/S can be used. In the event of harmonic levels exceeding programmable limits, all capacitors will be switched off through overcurrent alarm.

High harmonic levels can overload or damage all electrical devices and machines in the network. Therefore we generally recommend installing fixed capacitors with harmonic filter reactors.

Dynamic Power Factor Correction Systems

The dynamic Power Factor Correction System from FRAKO, switches without delay at the next voltage zero at the thyristor switch and thus avoids any peak inrush current. Wear-free switching. The solid-state switches function without any problems even when the capacitors are not discharged and without causing peak inrush currents. 
The basic units are equipped with an RM 9606 Reactive Power Control Relay with reaction times about 5 seconds. All systems can also be supplied with EMR 1100 S, EMR 1100 or RM 2012 Control Relays.

OSFM Active Filters
Power electronic devices connected in parallel with the load to be compensated. The device can be understood as controlled current source, which provides any kind of current waveform in real time. Active filter is equipped with an energy storage and control system, which enables it to inject required current to the network. When connected in parallel with the non-linear load, its harmonic currents are compensated and network is loaded with fundamental active current only.