Maintenance systems:

  • Organization of maintenance services;
  • Planning of preventive maintenance - low and medium voltage;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of panel boards - low and medium voltage;
  • Oil Treatment - analysis and regeneration of the oil;

Control of equipments:

  • Control of installations and equipments;
  • Electrical systems, distribution and energy;

Energetic systems:

  • Analysis of energy supply contracts and study of alternative means;
  • Power factor Correction - supply and assembly;
  • Energy savings and alternative energy sources;
  • Energy quality, Uninterruptible power supply  (UPS);

Systems from 200 kVa up to 10.000 kVa

Electrical Installations:  
Supply and assembly of:

  • Substations SF6 or air insulated up to 220KV;
  • Transformer stations for indoor/outdoor;
  • Aerial transformer stations;
  • Distribution control and MCC panels;